We use the power of digital technologies to spread our customers' products and services to the world.

Today, the power of digital technology has become an indispensable part of business.

However, we often see situations where digital and business have become disconnected.

We are a group of specialists in merging and maximizing your business with the digital world.

We look at your business, develop strategies for it, create customer experiences, and lead them to solutions.

What we do

Everything in the area of digital marketing: planning, production and operations.

Human Digital Consultants can help you grow your business and make it bigger by performing the following three steps:

Integration: Create a digital customer experience like never before.

Regardless of industry or type of business, we create unprecedented customer experiences through digital media such as websites and apps.

Information architecture, design creation, coding etc.

system development
Package Use Development / Scratch System Development

Server / Cloud deployment and configuration, etc.

Marketing: Get more customers than ever before.

We provide web analytics, advertisement creation and operation to help you not only attract customers to your website, but beyond that, to increase your revenue.

attracting customers
Web advertising, SNS account management etc.

customer service
LPO, EFO, digital customer service tool solutions etc.

returning customers
Email marketing, retargeting solutions etc.

Maintenance: guarantee the customer experience & grow it further.

Let us not only create the customer experience, but also take care of the following operations and maintenance.

Content analysis, maintenance & operation
Landing page creation, modifications, banner creation etc.
System analysis, maintenance & operation
Handling bugs created during system construction or due to user operations etc.
Infrastructure analysis, maintenance & operation
Handling errors in OS and middleware, etc.

Our Works

Notice of change of company name

Websmile Inc. has changed its name to Human Digital Consultants Co., Ltd. effective September 2, 2019.
In the future, we will continue to pursue "creating a world where people around the world can have fun and laugh, and creating an environment where people can work happily", which is the basis of our business.